Business Information Reports
With own database and advanced technology, Gladtrust utilizes up-to-date business information to facilitate different types of business information reports.
Site Visit Report
Gladtrust provides customized site visit to the target company in order to verify the operation status, production capacity etc. as well as other information specified by the client.
Database Products
Owing a database containing information of 50+ million Chinese companies users can search basic company information from Creditvision at a click. Gladtrust can also provide database interchange with customers.
Debt collection
Gladtrust provides one-stop collection service for customers on a “no collection no fee” basis. A professional collection team has been established since its commencement and can provide effective solution for the creditors.
Credit Monitoring
Credit monitoring service ensures the client to be informed as soon as the target company has any changes. The sooner effective measures are taken, the lower risk you will be faced.


Gladtrust has been dedicated to credit management industry for 10 years, and holds Commercial Credit Reference Business Certificate, information system security filing, foreign-related investigation license etc. We are legally allowed to do credit business in China.
Various data sources
Gladtrust sources data from Credit Information Publicity System, local AIC, banking system, statistic Bureau and other public sources. Our technology system is updating data each day and can maintain the up-to-date of information. We also have professional credit analysts doing offline fresh investigation reports for customized products.
Largest database
Gladtrust database contains information of 50+ million Chinese companies which can cover higher than 95% of total companies registered in China Mainland. Data include wide coverage from the AIC information, contact information, judicial information to news, recruiting and other public information etc.